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Panel #1
(A Suggestion Based Adventure)

1. Loading Bay
- This is where other smaller ships can dock, often to trade, seek emergency services, or provide emergency services.

2. Unwelcome Guest
- This small ship landed about 24 hours ago, but no one really noticed because the power was already shutting down.

3. Viewport Alpha
- This is the first viewing chamber. It allows the captains and high-ranking officers to become aware of their surroundings. It is also where the flight controls are located.

4. The Storage Zones
- Here is where luggage and surplus (emergency) supplies are stored.

5. Viewport Beta
- Secondary viewing station, same function, better view, but no steering abilities. Can produce SOS signals.

6. Dormitories
- Think cruise-ship rooms, but closer to the size of a house. All passengers stay in one of these. The closer to the middle of the bunch you are, the more likely you are upper class. This is because many of the mid-ship-dorms are actually villas. All of the windows you see on the side of the ship are villas too. On the third and first levels, the villas are not marked on the maps since a wealthy guest is more likely to be roomed by someone more prone to jealousy or robbery. On the second floor, most of the rooms are villas, but none of them have windows. There are no windows on the second floor.

7. Engine/Engine Room/Thrusters
- Self explanatory.

8. Viewport Omega
- Final, tertiary viewport. This port is responsible for ship surveillance systems, and monitoring the status of engines and the luggage zone. Various dorms, thrusters, and even the storage zones can be ejected from here. This viewport is the most heavily secured of the three.