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Your name is CAMM ABBOTT.

You like SCIENCE FICTION, DRAWING, FASHION, things that people usually don't like and GLASS MAKING. All though you like these arts, you tend not to finish your creations. You have four other really good friends, but you can only talk to them through a cool computer app called Pesterchum. It's much more convinient than buying a stupid iPhone. You hate Apple. You also hate Bill Nye, but that's getting off subject. You live in pretty much no where near civilization, so that's why Pesterchum is so convinient. In fact, you don't know what any of them look like. None of them know how to upload an image link, or they simply don't want to. You've shared your picture wih one of them, but she doesn't know how to send one back. Your Pesterchum handle is arrangedGlasscrafter.

What will you do?