Your name is ALYX GREYSON. You're a FAIRLY AVERAGE GIRL for your age, or at least you think so. You have ONE QUALITY that sets you apart from everyone else though, and that's that you are BLIND. But that never got in your way, has it? Despite your visionary setbacks, you are a HUGE NERD FOR VIDEOGAMES AND COMICS. Of course, you can't see the screen, and comics for you is just Braille with some onomatopoeia mixed in. Your favorite is WHAM, it feels nice on the fingers. You're room is DECORATED WITH POSTERS OF YOUR FAVORITE GAMES AND COMICS, though you aren't entirely sure which ones. You know they are probably your favorites, as your MOM knows which ones you love the most. She wonders why you care so much about how your room looks even if you can't see it. Truth is, you've always wanted to become an ARCHITECT, so design is everything to you. It's odd to have dreams like that when your blind, and you know this. But who says reality needs to stop you from dreaming?