Panel #1
Two girls stand a front of you in a much luxurious tree house. You suggest that you identify the characters before going descriptive of your surroundings.
I'd like to announce my new mspfadventure, Showstuck! The name is really crappy, i know,but i didn't want to name is fandomstuck and "Attack OF The Fandoms" is sort of long to be a title. I'd also like to add that i dont draw very well when it comes to drawing it small so expect small drawings of people to be sucky and not detailed. For more goofy stuff of my three characters in this new adventure you can look at my other adventure, "stereotypical kiddos" This comic will consume of all the fandoms ive been in or personally experienced. If you'd like to see another fandom that i have not portrayed yet then send me a suggestion below. I'd also like to add some defintion that will help you understand my three characters here: MUN, Admin, a/n.
Mun: Derived from the word "mundane", a mun is the author writing for a character in an online RPG. Can also be used as a suffix to denote a reference to a character's player rather than the character.
Admin: An administrator of a computer system, an online forum etc.
A/N(Author): Author's note. Used in fanfiction when the author wants to say something about the story