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==> Enter Dungeon

Panel #1
And now, an intro by our great Dungeon Master.

Welcome to Dungeons and Dragons, your newest and most greatest addiction. Or not. Anyways, I am the great Dungeon Master (or DM for short) here to guide you and your merry band of adventurers along a dangerous and perilous journey for glory and, more importantly, treasure!

What will you do? Will you die a fateful death, or rise to become one of the most heroic people in the land? Well, only time (and the dice) will tell.

But that's enough rambling from dear old me. Let's get you started on the path for glory!

Yeah I've finally decided to make this. It's going to be semi in the style and feel of Homestuck, but will be focused more around the table top RPG known as Dungeons and Dragons.

Of course, there are plot twists and all sorts of fun things around the corner. Stay tuned. You might just like what you see. ;)

P.S. I have changed and added certain things, as you will see very soon. Don't worry! It still holds mostly true to the source material.