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Panel #1
It was situated on a remote island, down in mortal lands. No mortal ever went there, though. Something about the place kept them from going anywhere near it.
Panel #2
Whenever a god or goddess took a single step inside the Normal Place, they lost any and all powers they once had. They became effectively mortal.
Panel #3
The Normal Place was used as punishment. When one of us messed up really bad, we got sentenced to do time there. To hear tell from the rest of the pantheon, the worst part was the soul-rending boredom. Generally, if you got exiled there, you were the only one in the entire building. And you were locked in.
Panel #4
As soon as I opened my eyes and didn't recognize my surroundings, I had a sinking suspicion that I had ended up there.
Panel #5
I sighed. I wonder what I did wrong. Did someone come along and tell you, eventually? Or did you just have to wait it out and find out when your punishment ended?