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==> KemahStuck

Panel #1
EQUIUS: D --> For fucks sake though
NEPETA: :33 < What.
EQUIUS: D --> Your costume
EQUIUS: D --> You aren't even wearing a tail
EQUIUS: D --> And your jacket is too short
EQUIUS: D --> By the way what's up with those horns

NEPETA: :33 < Well, I'm sorry.
EQUIUS: 33 < You sprung this on me literally last minute.
NEPETA: 33 < Also, fun fact: these are your horns, dipshit.

EQUIUS: D --> You are the worst Nepeta ever
NEPETA: :33 < Don't make me put another pony sticker on you.
NEPETA: :33 < I will put another pony sticker on you.