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I first would like to dedicate this entire comic to the Blockland Forums, and Eric 'Badspot' Hartman, the creator of Blockland. I thoroughly enjoy playing, and yet as I grow older, I still find myself continually coming back to it. The game's physics not only fill my daily quota of shits and giggles, but I enjoy the constant creativity of various users who play in and out of the game servers, who create various Add-Ons to make the game more versatile, or for those who create amazing builds and otherwise incredible content of varying degrees!
Please, if you enjoy Blockland as I do, don't be afraid to leave your mark. Some way, some how. It doesn't matter whether it's an Add-On, an amazing build, a funny comic or video, or even an amazing server for people to enjoy. If people can remember you in a positive light, that's all that matters. I also dedicate this comic to any fallen players whom have lost interest in this and have been memorable players, or have passed from other causes. May you all rest in peace.
Next, I dedicate this to those who have influenced my gaming life on Blockland; Visolator, who has helped me on some coding time and again. Thanks for helping me out man! To Pecon, for hosting Boss Battles. I've always relished the battle where I had lost as William, but killed you at least, and miss the days where my Boss Fights server acted as an inspiration as your fan. To Filipe1020 for making radical vehicles and being such a chill dude. Keep up the vehicle work, bro! And then, to the rest of my Steam chums, including Stan_The_Waffle_Man, Sir EpicCreeper, Blueboy362, Coolguy32, Strmbrkr, Ahead, Nova Flare Emperor Q, CRITAWAKETS, Copy_Kirby, and to my best chum, Arcade King.
Finally, I dedicate this story to you, the reader, as well. If you got past the entire wall of text, (and heaven knows, you may be fucking bored by now) I thank you for taking the time to read all of this. Some may know me and remember me a bit negatively. But I don't want to let that hold me back on this. To you, reader, I give you an offering; a story, created by many influences in my life, both good and bad. I am glad you are reading this, and I hope you enjoy the story.

- Ze Operator (32660 - X7217)
NOTE: Any characters, both living or dead, may or may not be ficitional, and encounters are coincidental. There are some characters in this that are based of real life individuals, but should not in anyway be taken seriously. This is a webcomic made purely for entertainment of the reader.