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Panel #1
A young person stands outside a cavegeon. Yes, you heard me correctly. A cavegeon. Anyway, this person is preparing to enter to uncover a mystical treasure said to lie there with their trusty backpack.

Before they enter, they must be given a name. What is their name?


This is a suggestion story. Suggest a command or other things as they come up with the button in the adventure info. No suggestive commands. For this first one, type the name instead of a command like "Enter name." When you see ??? it means that I am awaiting your imput. ??! Means I am awaiting a battle command. Thank you!

Store (item) - Put an item in inventory
Equip (item) - Put an item in your hand, will also be considered weapon
Onward. - Continue to next screen
You are not required to suggest these commands! You may suggest what you like, this is just a guide on how to do certain things.