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Panel #1
A young boy- who was nothing but a victim of extreme and unlikely circumstance, lay face down on the floor, with a nasty wound on the back of his head.
How long has he been laying here? Mere minutes. How long has he been unconscious? Far longer than you would believe.
Did he ask for this? Absolutely not. Did he want this? No, of course he didn't...
Did he need this?... Perhaps so...
But how did this happen?... And why was fate so seemingly cruel to him?
Those are both very excellent queries. Like most tales, however, they are for another time.
For now, let us instead delve deep into his inner psyche, where there is a glimmer of consciousness.

The following story parodies a lot of elements seen in videogames.
Mostly the complex plots/story trope that you see in games like Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid. So if you get confused, you'll know why.
And don't worry, there WILL be recaps.

ALSO: This entire thing was drawn from my smartphone and is constantly improving for the most part, so I apologize if everything look so... disgusting for the first few panels.
With that, feel free to read on!

ADDENDUM 1: "Reconstruction" is taking place as of December 13th after a hiatus. That is to say rewriting previous dialogue and redrawing/reworking existing panels to make them better. The author formally apologizes for any and all cases where the image is too big.