Welcome to Eighteen Thirty Hours! Or, just ETH for short. Since I'm the world's crappiest artist, this will be solely a text adventure, unless someone sees fit to provide the art for me (not that I'm counting on that happening.)

Now, onto what's important here! As a text adventure, I thought it would be boring just to completely go with my own story, without any other input. In fact, to make up for the lack of visuals, this story and it's ability to progress will be highly dependent on you- yes, you! The Reader. Because see that little thing at the bottom? In the description of the story? That's the link to the submission box. See, you guys get to decide what happens! Of course, I have a basic outline of certain parts of this story, but for the most part it's up to you guys to get this thing going!

So, that's it, in summery. I leave the fate of this story, the world it takes place in, and the people who live there...I leave them all in your hands, Reader. You're the one(s) who can and will make this story into whatever it becomes.

It's up to you now. Proceed.

-Vin L.