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Vriska: Begin.

Panel #1
GOD, why does your MOIRAIL have to live in the middle of FUCKING nowhere?

Your name is VRISKA SERKET. Today is a SPECIAL day for you; it is your 6th WRIGGLING DAY. Your CERULEAN-BLOODED moirail has invited you over to his HIVE. You're not sure for what.

You have a little SECRET that only three trolls other than you know of. One, is your KISMESIS, then your MOIRAIL, and finally, the whiny BLUEBLOOD brat. Not that you would ever say that OUT LOUD, but whatever. The SECRET is that you have MUTANT CANDY RED blood. Your MOIRAIL helps you keep your HEMONYMITY, but you're not sure if you can keep the FACADE up for much longer, especially when COLOR starts to develop in your eyes. As well as that, as a DEFECT, your left eye is different; your moirail suggested that if anyone asked, you'd say you were really a RUSTBLOOD - after all, they have PSYCHIC powers. It is...mutated. You can see a lot of things happening around you, and you can push your emotions onto other trolls. Your trolltag is archaicGlamour and you speak fairly normally, without the slightest of a suspicious tone. What? You're totally not hiding some 8IG secret from everyone!

For the past 20 MINUTES or so, you've been walking to your MOIRAIL'S hive and getting lost. But, he lives in the middle of FUCKING NOWHERE. But you've FINALLY made it.

What will you do now?