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CURRENT powerfulMan [CPM] RIGHT NOW opened memo on board Nick is a dirty meme
CPM: Lepard I'm going to kill our girlfriend
CURRENT lepardLover [CLL] RIGHT NOW responded to memo
CLL: wait what
CPM: Can I
CPM: Kill our
CPM: Girlfriend
CPM: AKA Fluka

CLL: yeah i got that part
CLL: why

CPM: I can't type and she's calling me cute for typing Pam pams instead of pom poms
CLL: nick pam pans is adorable
CLL: or that
CLL: sure
CLL: pans
CLL: thx autocorrect

CURRENT manzGaming [CMG] RIGHT NOW responded to memo
CMG: sorry but that is kinda cute
CLL: 3v1
CPM: Everyone dies
CLL: id like 2 c u try
CPM: *kil u*
CLL: o no
CLL: i is
CLL: ded

CPM: Sign