Zahari: Group call

Panel #1

Zahari: The fuck are we gonna do about this game
Phenix: fuck the game stop waking me up
Zahari: I wouldn't wake you up if there wasn't a chance of you getting murdered
Zahari: Not even by Sajeal this time
Sajeal: What does that mean-
Zahari: Come on let's take this seriously now
Tempre: It's been like three seconds and I'm bored as shit Lohuck
Sajeal: Seconded.
Zahari: I'm just trying to, I don't know, stay alive
Sajeal: I'll kick death in the bulge
Phenix: i'll kick you in the bulge if you don't shut up
Sajeal: I didn't even do anything!!!!!!
Tempre: You did her moirail, that kind of counts
Zahari: You wake up for sick burns but not for me planning to keep you alive
Phenix: it was a sick enough burn to make me rise from the dead
Sajeal: I'm going to hang the fuck up on all of you.
Sajeal: That wasn't even a burn!!!!!!!!
Tempre: Do it fuckboy, I hear your voice enough whining when I kill you with the starter pistol
Zahari: Tempre, please
Phenix: i would like to schedule a knock-down drag-out fight between tempre and sajeal in the next thirty minutes
Zahari: Phe
Tempre: I'm game honestly
Zahari: Tempre
Sajeal: All of you suck my ass
Phenix: can't suck something that doesn't exist you flat-ass dork
Tempre: See this is what you get for waking her up from her 24 hour beauty sleep
Sajeal: I wasn't even the one to wake her up!!!!!!!!!
Sajeal: I didn't make the group you dick!!!!!!
Zahari: So I guess both of you want to die
Zahari: Ok
Phenix: man im a highblood i dont give a fuck
Tempre: Wow way to rub that in our faces Phe
Sajeal: I literally do not care don't drag me back into this.
Zahari: Ok I'm done fucking christ
Phenix: im proud of you for trying would you like me to send you a star
Zahari: No, ok? No
Zahari: You won't even listen to me