Panel #1
-- breakingFreefall [BF] began pestering ditzyMagician [DM] at 17:19 --

BF: Ditz
BF: Ditz
BF: Ditz, this game can't wait any longer.
BF: This game has been waiting for the eons it has been in its package, just for us to begin. It can't wait any longer, the patience it one gathered from up its disk hole is now gone.
DM: Chill dude, I am right here.
BF: Ditz, who can chill with a super cool, newly released edition of Sburb Delta in my hands. I can be about as chill as a volcano erupting.
DM: I get ur point, but I am doing somethin kinda important here, dude, and so the game will have to pull a little more patience from its disk hole.