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Panel #1
Sorry guys, DropBox fucked me. This mirror is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

In another land, conflict is stirring.

Over what, and for how long, none can say for sure. But before long these fair kingdoms will be a massive battleground, with blood in the meadows, and fire in the trees.

That is, if their residents can get their shit together!

So. Which kingdom will you observe first?

Hi, my name's warmCabin. RandomWriter originally started this mirror, and was gracious enough to let me contribute. I then proceeded to contribute so hard that I deleted all his content and replaced it with my own, and then added another 40 pages. And then ANOTHER 40 pages. He didn't seem to mind...but who knows, maybe he did. I dunno. If you run into him, give him a high five for me, will you?

Now, about this adventure: Colored Castles was a forum adventure by BigBrain on the original MSPAForums. Each person in the thread was given their own character to play as, with custom art by BB inspired by their profile pictures. Each week, you could submit commands, and your character would do them; so instead of 30 people clamoring for control of 2 or 3 main characters, there were 30 people, each individually controlling 30 unique characters. That, plus D&D-like mechanics and all sorts of wacky NPCs, made this a pretty crazy adventure to participate in.

Updates would come 30 panels at a time, week by week, but that would be WAY too much information to take in at once in a format like this. So I decided to jump around the timeline, skipping the boring parts, building suspense around the exciting bits, and converting the whole thing into the classic MSPA second-person format. You won't get quite the same chaotic experience here as you would in the thread, but I think you might have some fun nonetheless.

Thanks to BigBrain for making this story, to Random for letting me exert my reign of terror over this mirror, and of course, to ME! For putting all these panels together!

Man, I rock. Thanks, me.