Begin Goretwisted.

Panel #1
Your name is ERIDAN VANTAS.

Today is your larval awakening, also known as your WRIGGLING DAY. You are unsure how you have survived this long, but it probably was the advice of your LUSUS. You should probably CHECK ON HIM SOON, but you're sure he's fine.

Your veins consist of the WORST SLUDGE EVER KNOWN TO TROLLKIND, or simply, you are a MUTANT. Due to your status as a mutant you also have LITTLE TO NO PHYSICAL STRENGTH. You also have a number of INTERESTS. You enjoy SCIENCE, MAGIC, even though it is the FAKEST SHIT EVER, and the TROLL HARRY POTTER SERIES. You also used to have a penchant for FLARPing, but you stopped a while ago after you lost part of your LEFT HORN and your LEFT EYE, which is why you wear an eyepatch. You may or may not EXPOSIT ON THAT LATER.

You live in a large city surrounded by many other neighbor trolls, including your FRIENDS that you chat on with the newly released client TROLLIAN. You have had it downloaded on your HUSKTOP for a while now and think it is PRETTY DAMN COOL. Speaking of TROLLIAN, your trolltag is conflictedAnonymous and you speak wwith your sort of wwavvy accent most of the time, BUT SOMMETIMMES YOUR "FRIENNDS" GET YA PISSED OFF ENNOUGH TO MMAKE YOU ORNNERY AS FUCK.

What will you do?