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Panel #1
MEG: ◄ ♥hay♥u, fell♥ws ! ►

MEG: ◄ Y♥u might remember me fr♥m a web c♥mic, " PAY DAT RENT!!!1 " ►

MEG: ◄ I'm n♥t entirely sure if y♥u kn♥w me.. but n♥ matter ! ►

MEG: ◄ It's nice meeting y♥u. I'm Chaper♥n Meg but my actual alias is Megg! N♥t really special but that's n♥t a pr♥blem, haha. ►

MEG: ◄ Aside fr♥m my blabbering, w♥uld y♥u like t♥ c♥ntinue my st♥ry ? ►

MEG: ◄ Great ! N♥w pay attention. ►