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Panel #1

AA: Hi!
AA: Welcome to ectoLab.... I guess?
AA: I don't really know what to say here cause like...
AA: This is weird.
AA: And you can skip this if you want, I really don't care cause this is long as fuck.
AA: I made your run of the mill fansession.
AA: Why?
AA: Cause it's fun!
AA: I also need to get better at writing things and drawing things, and ya know, I kinda want to practice MAKING something, like putting actual time and fucking effort into a long standing project.
AA: And I've been mulling over this one for like, a year now? So I think its high time I actually do it.
AA: So here it is!
AA: Some notes about it are...
AA: 1.) Don't expect crazy frequent updates cause if there was some sorta Nobel Prize on laziness, I would win, but not even show up at the reward ceremony to pick that shit up cause I wouldn't feel like going.
AA: 2.) A lot of these characters are fucking douchebags at times. Don't spam me with shit like "YoU condone **insert shit my character says here** WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM YOU FUCker!!1!!!!" cause chances are I don't support whatever it is. If you want to check if I do or not you can ask cause I'm not a saint and I'm probably more bigoted than I think I am. And if I do unknowingly do something stupid, teach me about what I did wrong! I would be glad to learn from my mistakes and not be an idiot c:
AA: 3.) If I make any cannonical/grammer/any type of mistakes please let me know!
AA: 4.) Use the suggestion box to ask questions and stuff, not for commands cause... reasons you'll get later!! ((If you want you can leave like literal suggestions like 'I think ____ should have a ____.' or 'Maybe there should be a ____ on LO_A_!' cause you guys are probably way more creative than I am! And I will be sure to credit you if you do submit something like that!! c:))
AA: Okay that was long as fuck, thanks for reading all that shit btw.
AA: Let's just get on with it.