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Panel #1
-- orsinoCritter [OC] began trolling intrinsicAnnihilation [IA] --
OC: uh, conran? i need help. i went out to go hunting and when i came back, there was a random game on my desk. it's a black case and on the top it says in purple "sgrub". do you know what this game is, or if anyone would actually walk all the way to my hi▽e to deli▽er the darn thing?
IA: Huh, seems interesting! A game you said, right? Have you opened it?
OC: no...i don't really think this is a good idea? maybe it is. should i drop myself at your hi▽e so you can look at the game with me?
intrinsicAnnihilation: What? But you always come to my hive! I barely come over to yours. Let me come over, this time, Jag!
OC: come on conran, you'▽e known me long enough to know i hate company o▽er. plus, my hi▽e is a mess. there's prey laying around.
IA: Sweet, I love dead things.•
OC: oh yeah, i almost forgot.
IA: So, does that mean I can come over?
OC: sigh. i suppose. try not to mind the blood e▽erywhere. while you come i should probably turn my light on, and maybe clean a bit..
IA: If you want to clean up. You know I don't mind messy places! My hive's only clean because of my lusus.•
OC: hah. i'm a mess but that doesn't mean i like it. i'm just ▽ery lazy. haha. my lusus is sleeping in her ca▽e, so we don't ha▽e to deal with her.
IA: That's good, I suppose! Then I shall come over.•