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Panel #1
This young troll stands in his respiteblock. It just so happens that this day holds little biological significance to you. It has been a fair bit more than 9 sweeps since he was given life, and as such he is long overdue for a name!

This guy has a lot of troll pals and their fan-adventures are going to be quite extensive and convoluted, to an even greater degree than one perhaps may be accustomed. He thinks that if you think that we have time to drag out every little gag and expected pattern along the way, you are absolutely correct.
Name suggestions from thread:

Citrus Ottawa
Karkat Vantas
big gray nerd
bronzed muscleman
Arviti Redsci
Ant Face
Rhinate Losunas
Oyster Clakrs
Larecc Rhones
Squiggaloopimp Bitchnindoodles
Santa Claus
Thales Sok