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Ideas, Writing Assistance:

Behind the scenes feedback, moon adlets, Cheral - Someone very cool and anonymous <3

Proofreading, behind the scenes feedback - Zader

Alethea's modus concept - Radical Dude 42

Concept of Sverb, Sylladexes, Fetch Modi, etc. - Andrew Hussie

Hosting this fantastic site - nixshadow


Page 49 - "A Night In Space"

Page 82 - "Crystal Cavern" (I-Ninja)

Page 171 - Waterflame - "Hexagon Force"

Page 195 - Homestuck - "Ohgodwhat Remix"

Page 324 - Fairly Odd Parents: Breakin' Da Rules - "A Dog's Life (Air Vent)

Page 426 - Master of Toast - Aspirations (Synodic Reboot)


"Sprite mode" inspiration/base - Andrew Hussie

Some custom furniture sprites - intrepidPioneer

Some clothing sprites - blahjerry