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Panel #1
Your name is GAMZEE MAKARA.

Today is your 6TH WRIGGLING DAY. Not like anyone except your MOIRAIL really cares.

Sometimes you feel like the world HATES you. Especially right now. You tend to have your HEAD IN THE CLOUDS, but you didn't expect to get stranded out in the DESERT. Even your WRIGGLING DAY couldn't make up for the POINTLESSNESS of your existence. You could LAMENT about it for hours, but you're just not feeling UP TO IT right now. Some of the things that do make you feel HAPPY, though, are your INTERESTS. You take a liking to JOKES - even y though the ones you make don't even make sense or are just dumb. You also like OBSCURE TALES OF MYTHOLOGY, even if they can get pretty GRIM at times. Honestly, your INTERESTS are so different that you don't even know how you began to like BOTH OF THEM at the SAME TIME. Once you MATURE, you know life is going to get harder. Well, it was hard to start with anyways. At least you have a PRETTY COOL club that you can defend yourself with. You're not even sure where you found it - you're pretty sure you just found it outside your HIVE.

You have a few PALS you like to chat with. Some of them are just OUTRIGHT rude to you, but you think most of them are pretty COOL WITH YOU. You've been testing out a new chat client called TROLLIAN, and you like it, so far. Your trolltag is tailingCampaigner and yOu TeNd To VaRy HoW yOu SpEaK - not always, though.