===> ENTER Childhood [1]

Panel #1
( Read VitalityStuck before proceeding if you wish to )

We start off with who it seems to be Septhi Afonos, he seems innocent and sweet from a far perspective. And he is. He seems to be searching for something, he mumbles frustrated with something while walking over to a window. His mouth slightly widened, it was trolls, he never seen before ever and they... looked odd. One has teal lipstick, aren't they too young? One has really long sideburns, never seen that before. Another with weird swirly and curly hair, she looks like a really enthusiastic person. Then another one was a smaller troll, he wore a dark teal tank top that was probably matching to his own blood color. Nothing weird about him. Just small things he picks up about people, it was a strange habit of his and always catches everyone's flaws. But now he wishes to engage in their group, be apart of a group, friends with a group of people. Not alone, it sucks, nobody appreciated his presence especially the younger trolls. It was because of his scary demeanor, he didn't mean it, honestly he really didn't. So then, his confidence rose while his fingers brushed the door knob. He pulled back in fear... Was he really gonna communicate? To people..? It felt daring to him but to others it felt normal. So, with shaky and wobbly fingers he managed to open the door, what happened next to him was terrible.