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Title Page

Panel #1

Hi! I'm Isaac and I have roughly 0 art skill. Throughout this adventure I don't intend in putting very much effort into the art, however if you can put up with my lack of art skills the characters and plot will probably be rather rewarding. The next paragraph is what you probably should read, and it is about the fanadventure. The paragraph after that is a bit about me.

This fanadventure focuses around one troll named Znason. (All the trolls in this adventure have names with meanings). Znason is 7.85 sweeps (17 Earth Years) and is a loyal Alternian officer. On this Alternia, the Homestuck trolls never existed, and the once young trolls are now growing into adults. Znason is working on capturing a criminal named Henear. During the four days he spends doing so, a lowblood he knows continuously warns him of dangers coming. On the fourth day, meteors begin to strike Alternia, and Znason is forced to play a game with nine other trolls.

As stated before, my name is Isaac. I am a demiboy and use he/it/they pronouns. I am a pansexual grey-aromantic who has been diagnosed with high-functioning autism. I also have social anxiety and several sleep issues.