Panel #1
A young troll stands at the end of his journey, a journey that has taken his friends, his love, his world and his will away. A journey that has broken him down to nothing, and shown absolutely nothing for it. Nothing but corpses remain. Corpses and the taste of failure.

This young man has always been the hopeful one. Hope, in fact, is his personal creed. But there is no hope here. His session's Space player is dead, and the lack of fruit his session could bear hangs like a sour note over the Battlefield, where so many lay dead from months of a war that has been going on for as long as time itself.

Usually, the voices that be would give you paths, options, dare you say suggestions for your quest. But even they know now, there is no hope left for you. Hope is out of your hands now, and with it, your power over fate.

There's only one decision to make now, and it's already been made for you before you were even ectobiologically spawned.