Panel #1

You are now RASTERA.
You are a member of the Sector G Defense Force, an organization meant for stopping the plans of INSIDIOUS EVIL-TYPE PEOPLE. Really, the only reason it exists is because the city can't afford an actual police department. The other members include RAY, DILAN, TYSON, and BIRD MAN.

Like any girl your age, you cater to a variety of INTERESTS. You are physically unable to speak, and so you tend to READ a lot. You also have written several NOVELS, the subjects of which you are not to disclose. You also have a collection of MEDIEVAL ARMOR AND WEAPONS, which you never get to use.

You have a strong ADVENTUROUS SPIRIT, which is your reason for getting this job. Unfortunately, you are usually left behind to take care of the house while the others go crime-fighting. This doesn't stop you from taking things into your own hands, however.

As far as you know, no INSIDIOUS EVIL-TYPE PEOPLE have any INSIDIOUS EVIL-TYPE PLANS at the moment, at least to your knowledge. What shall you do?