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VanillaBound is about four African American siblings who play their session on Sburb. These four siblings are inspired by me and my siblings, who are brought down to the ages 12-15 for the style of the webcomic. This webcomic does include trolls, and is also a way for me to improve on my art skills.


Heartbound - This webcomic is very good, and the gifs are welly done. This is a great webcomic and I would advise you to read this! :D

Lucidstuck - This webcomic has an amazing and unique plot. I love how the characters are formed, and all their amazing custom sprites. This is a must read!

Gapstuck - The animations in this are so amazing! There are even flashe animations, and the jokes are so funny!


Thank you everybody for reaching this goal with me! Let's try and get to 20 aye? Ha, a girl can dream can't she?

Anyway, thank you guys so much. This has been a dream come true. You all rock, and I love you so much!<3