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==> Be the creepy girl.

Your name is MEPHIS ABADON. You like RITUALS, both dark and mundane. You have a bit of a SUMMONING HABIT, requiring you to keep VATS OF BLOOD in your room. You also have INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS OF HURTING THOSE CLOSE TO YOU. Ha. Silly, huh? You're told that you're MISLEADINGLY CHEERFUL. You like BLACK EYELINER and BRIGHT LIGHTS. You are the coveted MOST ELUSIVE HORN TOSS TARGET, and only one has succeeded to date. You love THE SOUND OF A SPADE THROUGH GRAVEL, so you make sure that most of your non-occult rituals involve it. Other things they involve are TRAVEL MAGAZINES, GOATS, and BUCKETS - the last only to make everybody else feel WAY UNCOMFORTABLE, but not you since you're TOTALLY MATURE FOR YOUR AGE. You have a SEXY FACIAL SCAR from the time you fell out your window and stitched yourself up in the mirror. Currently, you've lost track of the latest test of your summoning abilities.

What will you do?