Final Window

Panel #1
POV of Stranger

Stranger? What stranger? The only being that remotely resembles a stranger is this young-- quite dirty-- lady in rags. Her name is Adiel Rotavele. You could classify her as homeless. She has been living for approximately 76 years. However, being a demon, she doesn't age and exists forever. The only force that could end a demon is a vampire's bite. Her parents were never demons, though. More on that later.

Sorry, POV of Adiel Rotavele

It's June something, approximately 4:30pm, and you're standing in front of a broken mirror you found in the dump. Now, normally you couldn't care less about what you look like, being that you are STARVING, but once you glanced at your reflection for the first time in years, you couldn't look away.

Oh dear, what is that??? What happened to your eye? It has been quite itchy recently, but never would you have thought you'd have an infection!
The braid you once had is now a thick, matted lump of hair. There are countless bags under your eyes and your face appears to be thinner than you've ever seen it. You've been standing here for about three minutes now.