Sometime in the Past, but Not Far...

Panel #1
???: You recognize this place, correct?
???: Ug, yes... i do. You've shown me this place many of times in our shared dreams. i don't understand why you ask EVERY time.
???: It is a...
???: Time bubble. Dream bubble as my daughter calls them.
???: They aren't just dream bubbles, at least in the terms. Yes you can relieve memories but these are more of a viewing activity than interacting... although you can create timelines if you have the energy.
???: i know i know. Please for Ace's sake can we move on to say... how to make this spoken of timeline?
???: Is that the only reason you're here? To create a place where you are young again? Tsk tsk tsk.
???: You have NO right saying that. Yes, i am interested in this. but could you explain how i could royally fuck this place up?