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Panel #1
I'm not sure how best to describe it:

You find the point values on the first round and if you have more than 13, usually, you bid whatever is your strongest suite, either one or two, or, if you're strong in all suits then you bid no trump. (the trump is the suit that is chosen to override all other suits.) No trump means there is not a trumping suit, and you only want to bid it if your hand is very strong-- though I have over-won games on no-trump before, so bluh.
THe dummy is the teammate of the person who bid first and passed through on their bid(so first on the team, and which team is determined by whose bid is win.)
For example, if Sally and Max are playing as teammates then when Sally bids first on spades and her bid passes onto play, Max is the one who is the dummy and therefore does very little in the round, except fetch drinks I suppose, everyone likes that.
You only win a round if you get 100 points or five trickys. Each tricky everyone in play lays down a card and the dummy's deck is picked from by his or her teammate. The highest card wins, or else the trump, in situations peculiar.