Be that odd troll.

Panel #1
Your name is Sythen Peroxx and you are 7.38 sweeps old.This adventure will be a wild and crazy one you assume from your past talks with your friends, for the readers information you suppose you will inform them that this adventure will not be one in the canon game of sburb but simply in Alternia. Your interests include Listening to music and creating music of your own, at times this is the only thing you will do for days. You have a fond liking for the human class of what they call hipster and you dress in said fashion.

You are quite the emotional person when it comes down to it but most people never really get far enough to see that in you, most of your slang and language is quite bad in some respects and can sometimes be mistaken for anger despite you never actually getting mad.

Your trolltag is vacantVadimony and you write in a way that is quite spontaneous but strait forward for the most part. most letters are replaced with numbers giving 4 l337-3sk style to your typing being you spend most of your time on the computer, you type in your cast color of a AliceBlue.