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=====> Begin.

Panel #1
Your name is ARADIA MEGIDO, and you are HAPPY! Of course, you ALMOST ALWAYS ARE, but you don't quite know why today!

You seem to have a variety of INTERESTS, including FATAL LIVE ACTION ROLEPLAY (or FLARP, for short), with you CLOSER FRIENDS, although sometimes you engage in the more FRIENDLY type. You also like to FIND PERFECT PARTNERS FOR YOUR FRIENDS, although you'd only TRY TO GET THEM TOGETHER in SECRET. You often go ADVENTURING, EXPLORING and HUNTING with your lusus, the wonderful RAMMOM.

Your trolltag is adventurousAider, and you speak in a very cheery way and try to show if off to everyone!! some people say that you speak in an al00f way but you really dont think thats true! 0u0

What will you do?