Panel #1
A lil' playa standz up in his bedroom. Well shiiiit, it just so happens dat todizzle, tha 13th of April, 2009, is dis lil' manz birthday. It make me wanna hollar playa! Though dat shiznit was thirteen muthafuckin years ago da thug was given game, it is only todizzle da thug is ghon be given a name!

What will tha name of dis lil' playa be?

This fan-adventure is using the Gizoogle translator to transform the text of Homestuck to a more "pimpin'" vernacular. I am not affiliated with or the creator of Gizoogle.

That said, Gizoogle has an issue translating words or sentences in all caps. It is a shame, but some trolls were never meant to be pimps.

As for flashes, I have tried again and again to emulate them in my fan-adventure with no success. All flashes shall be embedded YouTube videos, with interactive ones including a link to the original page.

If anyone has done this before, I am sorry. I didn't realize at the time of making this fan-adventure.