Josh: Honey, I'm home
Julia: darling, didjya eva pick up Olivia from her little friend's place?
Josh: dear, I've been worried about our daughter's friends for a while, and what dastardly deeds they may be participating in
Julia: do ya mean?
Josh: that's right snookums,
Josh: Our little Angel's been smoking the devil's lettuce
Julia: *is swoons*
Josh: *comforts sobbing julia*
Rob: *walks into room*
Rob: Hey ma, Hey pa, whaaaaaaa-aaaaat's cooking?
Josh: fuckin' 420 blaze it, bitch
Rob: alright, well pops, I'm off to go throw the ol' pigskin around with zoe from down the block, see ya
Julia: *still sobbing*
Josh: *curses the sky angrily*
Josh: damn commies