For millennia, the stalwart inhabitants of the [North] have worshipped their [Gods] of the [Sea], and the [Land], and the [Sky]. For millennia, that is, until now, when they live in abject fear of the [Sky]. Something has gone horribly wrong with the [Aurora], and, as apprentice of the [High Priest], it falls to you to find out [What], [Why], and [What To Do About It]. Should you choose to accept this [Quest], you will find yourself in the inner sanctum of your [City]'s [Temple], in possession of many [Charms], [Talismans], [Amulets], and [Pendants], as well as assorted miscellaneous [Spiritual], [Sacred], and [Holy] tokens, assorted miscellaneous [Natural Items Of Ritualistic Significance], one [Ancient Religious Relic], a negligible quantity of [Gold], and a [Vow] to set things right.