Bard & Time Players: Commence conference

Panel #1

EC: Is that J[]shua Shanley []nscreen n[]w?
HMHE: Jgblith Magnaxbur Jsth pfvfebvani.
EC: Uh...
EC: Y[]u.
EC: Seadweller tr[]ll.
EC: Can y[]u translate for me?

AA: What???
AA: Look, I know they speak so fucking softly it's kind of hard to hear them, but can't you just listen a bit more closely?
AA: I'm already translating for too many people.
AA: And my name is Ergoin!

EC: L[][]k Erg[]in.
EC: They're n[]t speaking English.
EC: They speak a cursed Eldritch t[]ngue.
EC: Derse dreamers like y[]urself and ever[]ne else here can understand them instinctively.
EC: Pr[]spit dreamers like me...
EC: N[]t s[] much.
EC: S[] please just translate f[]r me.

AA: Bluh glub!
AA: Fine.
AA: He said that his name is His Most Heinous Eminence.

EC: Really, J[]sh?
HMHE: Laim a'jhin kion'asashrian l'oa ash yi ash.
AA: He wants you to respect him in front of the rest of us.
EC: I'm n[]t being disrespectful.
EC: But that title's a bit []f a m[]uthful, d[]n't y[]u think?
EC: And I'm still y[]ur b[]ss, which sh[]uld make it []kay f[]r me t[] call y[]u J[]sh.
EC: []kay?

HMHE: Chomh.
HMHE: Ugil sgi'ren giddress jhsgi'n uwe gi ngijhsgi'n whsgi'ch sgi' msgi'llensgi'gi gigo dgi'ugil wsgi'sh.
AA: He says that's fine.
HMHE: Na edsam yass iem?
HMHE: J'l'oa ysa'rrakelhs breaga sa's kel ash ysa'tsa'me?
HMHE: On'sor fian ual.
HMHE: Ugil ygiss egi'giged gi dgiy sl'ogice lgist sgi'sgiw ugil.
HMHE: Garem i' kel on'sor?
HMHE: Dgi'cgi cgiddginkigimengid kel gi.
HMHE: Ugil egi'pgiy gi esik?
AA: Uh...
(P)AW: Shove it, Waste.
(P)AW: Where are the others?
(P)AW: As I recall, a Prince, Page and Seer of Time followed you and your ilk into the outer darkness.
(P)AW: Why aren't they here as well?

HMHE: Uel.
HMHE: Sa'lasa'm thesa'r.
(P)AW: Why's that?
(P)AW: Are they too ashamed to show their ugly mugs?

EC: [][][][]kay, let's st[]p n[]w.
EC: We're n[]t here t[] quibble []ver shit that happened several milli[]n years ag[], and trade insults.
EC: We're here t[] talk ab[]ut []ur predicament.
EC: []ne that affects all []f us.
EC: Right, J[]sh?

HMHE: V'gorgjth.
EC: Great.
EC: S[], let's get int[] this.
EC: As I'm sure every[]ne here kn[]ws, we're all d[][]med.
EC: Dane, tell them why we're d[][]med in as few w[]rds as p[]ssible.

(P)AW: The main timeline has been permanently set by a Witch of Time, dooming all timelines except for that one.
EC: Well said.
EC: I'm sure that I d[]n't really need t[] tell y[]u all h[]w much this sucks.
EC: Y[]u're all pr[]bably aware []f h[]w sucky the situati[]n is.
EC: That being said, y[]u're als[] pr[]bably []verestimating the suckiness []f the situati[]n.