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Panel #1
A young girl stands in her room. It just so happens that this girl is you. You have a love for music and some of your favorite bands adorn your otherwise very boring walls as we can see of the posters behind you. You would agree that some of the best music to have ever been made has been by Marina and the Diamonds as well as your other favorite band Thousand Foot Krutch. You're a simple girl, at least that's the pronoun everyone uses to describe you though. You don't really care much through seeing as you are very fluid with your gender and haven't figured out how you identify. You don't know if you ever will to be honest with yourself. You do know that you LOVE horror movies, zombies are probably the best thing that have ever happened to the media since, like, media itself. Despite that though, you have a habit of showing off your body in feminine clothing. You do this as sort of a rebellion against your guardian as she tries to control what you do and wear. It's been like this your entire life, but in a way, you understand why she does it. That doesn't mean its going to bug you any less about it.