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RM: Slaughter the enemy.

Panel #1
Whoa, we're a starting off a little too fast here. Let's go back a bit and see what's going on. We haven't even seen the title yet!

Note as of 15/10/15 - The last time I wrote anything in this space was early September, but I'm thankfully not dead as evidenced by this nifty little update note.

Things have been rather slow but rest assured the adventure ain't dead. Things in the wonderful world of reality haven't slowed down much for me, and I've gone back to the drawing board for some planning and other such things so I can rework the story I had planned into something better. I've also been making new assets, characters and other such things so look forward to seeing those appear eventually.

Heartbound will continue (even though in the grand scheme of things it's still very bare right now with not many pages), I just need time to readjust and plan. There's something ironic in MY adventure going on hiatus for a bit while Homestuck is in a long pause itself... heh.

Yo! I'm runicMechanist and welcome to my little hell that is Heartbound, my own fan adventure. I decided to start writing and drawing this to improve my skills in said areas. I'm not the best artist or the best writer for that matter, but I hope I can create something for you to enjoy.

Not much to write here right now but this space will be used for any updates and information I need to add. I try to update as much as I can but real life and such can get in the way so don't be too disappointed if you don't see many updates from me. It just means I'm busy.

The comic is rather short right now, but as time goes on this space will be used for act and chapter indexing.

Thanks for reading!