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==> Act One, Begin Story, Explainations and Contact!

Panel #1
Well, I should warn you....

All trolls have been humanstucked!
All humans have been Animatronic'd!

Skaia the Tiger
Bec Noir the Wolf
Messanger Noir the Wolf
John the Salamancer
Rose the Squid/Octopus/Squiddle
Jade the Dog/Puppy
Dave the Parrot-Crow
Jane the Otter
Roxy the Kitten
Dirk the Raven
And lastly Jake the Bloodhound

The trolls names are changed a bit...
Aradia is now Amanda
Tavros is now Terrace
Sollux is now Salim
Karkat is now Kraken
Nepeta is now Leonidas
Kanaya is now Kaylin
Terezi is now Typhoes
Vriska is now Varreia
Equius is now Eallen
Gamzee is now Gammpi
Eridan is now Erian
And Feferi is now Fellshea

The ancestors and dancestors are in here too!
Damara ==> Doesah
Rufioh ==> Ryland
Mituna ==> Max
Kankri ==> Kalphish
Meulin ==> Maxxein
Porrim ==> Passio
Latula ==> Landri
Aranea ==> Arixi
Horuss ==> Houf
Kurloz ==> Kylx
Cronus ==> Carl (haaaaaaaa!)
Meenah ==> Melinda

Ancestors keep their titles, but are either called mom or dad. To each other, they are called by their 'titles' which are now their names.

Any Ideas, Fanart, etc you can find me on Deviant art ( ) or if you have skype find Capric Ornist (It shoul have my fan troll face on it!)

Any ideas are also nice.