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Panel #1
Your name is Clementine Everett. Well, you pretend that's what your name is. You pretend it is because of your sadly deceased friend, caretaker, and savior Lee Everett. Enough of that talk.

You prefer the nickname Clem, and lots of people take you lightly. Many people are surprised when you slam a hammer or axe through a walker's brain. Hah. You love their expressions, because they think "This kid can't do that.." Think again, bucko.

You reside in Wellington, thanks to your poor poor friend Kenny. Only you and the baby could manage to get in, not Kenny. He made a decision for the better, saving this baby, named AJ's, life. Kenny is gone again, and you only just found him after four years of him being gone!

So you don't lose more people, you are VERY alert.You also don't want to see any more people stealing or leaving your groups. That would suck. You miss playing games like you used to, when Lee was alive. You wish you were 8 again, and the world didn't go so bad.

Thankfully Lee saved you, its been about 4 years, once more, since he was alive. He died 4 days after your birthday, not so happy birthday.

Suddenly, AJ starts to cry. Oh no.

What will you do now?