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Panel #1
What you're about to read is literal trash. No, I didn't just insult myself, this is content that I'm going to be removing in the future and redoing. I've decided that since I've already gotten a small amount of continued support (thanks guys!), I'm going to keep this small portion up.

The art starts off okay, but immediately gets terrible. The writing is okay, I guess. The story wasn't even fully planned out when I wrote this.

In most cases, I'd make a huge post saying "Hey, I need artists," but I'm afraid that there is no human being on this planet willing to put up with the bullshit I have planned. (Honestly, there's going to be a LOT of drawing if you were to help.)

This isn't some kind of "just wait a few weeks, it'll be up" kind of wait. This isn't even a "wait three or four months." In fact, I'll go as far as to say this whole project MAY be a year away, although only time will tell.

I'd like to get the entirety of "act 1" finished. (The comic has no actual "acts" like Homestuck, "act 1" only refers to a certain point in the story where I could safely leave you all on a cliffhanger.) Before I dare do that, I'd like to flush out my characters some more and write the script to the point where I could leave enough hints for discussions and theories. (I'll have a lot of fun laughing when you guys get things right.)

So that leaves just one thing. Will this comic have flashes?

They'll be animations on YouTube (since I own a lot of fancy video making equipment and software, but not Flash itself). But yes, there will be animated cutscenes in the middle.

So I hope you enjoy(?) the shitty attempt at handling this project in all the wrong ways. I'll announce when the full version is finished.

Until then, you can follow my Tumblr (CrazyKirby97), YouTube (also CrazyKirby97), or Twitter (take a wild guess) for more info. I'll add a link to a Cross Your Heart blog if I make one.