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Project [X] PreAlpha

A young man stands in his room. It just so happens that today it's his 21st birthday, and like all twenty preceding it, nothing seems unusual about this day. Weather has been weird last week, but nothing worth mentioning.

Now then. What will the name of this young man be?

This story has been only created to help me understand how does this page works and what can I actually do. The real "Project [X]" (working title) however, will probably be a TEXT ADVENTURE, mostly because of the lack of time, talent and proper equipment I have for drawing. Did I mention my shitty computer can't even run minecraft alpha? So there's that.

Anyway, I'll highly consider using polls as suggestion boxes, even though they shouldn't count as those, since I am the one making the choices. I'll visit the MSPFA forum in the no-close future to see how this develops.

So what the hell are you still doing here. Get the fuck out of this mess. Now.