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Sometimes I wonder.
What do you wonder?
What would life have been like if none of this ever happened?
Oh god.
You're trying to start the conversation about time travel again. As I've been saying the whole time, that is probably the worst idea you've ever had. Please don't start the conversation about time travel again.

So we're supposed to keep enduring what's probably the most miserable existence possible, forever, just because you're paranoid?
It's better than the alternative.
There are so many things we could change. Stupid things, like the horse race, or the wrestling match...our failure itself is built upon a series of ridiculously convoluted, stupid mistakes that should never have happened.
It seems easier than condemning yourself to this life of nothingness for no reason other than 'I'm scared to change things'.

How many times have I told you this?
We were literally warned against time travel before we started. Then we did it anyway. Look where we are now. We single-handedly built our own coffin, and now you want to do it again.
Also, Shrek is a pretty good argument for why it was a terrible idea in the first place.

That's another dumb thing we need to change. When that guy wasn't popping in to make rude jokes, he was appearing surreptitiously throughout our childhoods to scar us in ways we didn't think were possible.
I'm pretty sure killing him would single-handedly fix everything.

All right, listen. IF you want to go ahead with this harebrained plan you've been ranting to everyone with ears about for months, go ahead. But nobody's coming with you.
I'm well aware of that.
But let's be honest. Staying here and taking the path of inaction is not the right decision.
I get that time travel caused more problems than it fixed. But that's precisely why we need to use it to fix things.
I think I'm going back.

Go ahead. If you want to make the timeline even more of a mess than it already is, there's no stopping you.
I think there's still hope in what we have, but evidently you don't, and it's your decision to make.