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Panel #1
Hello There! My name is Lucas Barcellos and a fan of homestuck, The format was incredible, the comedy was great and the comic is in itself a piece of art.So I really wanted to do a comic like homestuck and this is my try.
The Comic "Sine Terminus Saga" is a history that is different than the homestuck formula, so don't expect the SBURB game itself or any Homestuck jokes and puns, (Ok, maybe some)The only thing i will use is the homestuck format and maybe a rip-off of the god tier system.
P.S.: Any suggestions please email me on the suggestion box, this is my first try and i'm really care about your thoughts and suggestions about my story
P.S.2: English insn't my native language, so grammar mistakes or spelling errors aare very much possible, even with years on english schools I know that mistakes will happen, so if any of this errors came to be, please send me an email to my suggestion box.
Suggestion Box: [email protected]