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Panel #1
You just got done dealing a mortal blow to a fucking ASTEROID that was headed towards your town. You’re also pretty sure that that was your stupid little brothers fault. His and that stupid game that you had warned him about after he read the damn magazine. And he STILL wanted to play the fucking thing.
Panel #2
So now you have no idea where the fuck you are, although you’re pretty sure that it feels as hot as hell itself, so that’s probably where you are. Oh well. If that’s the case you might as well go looking for Satan and kick his ass out of here. If anyone runs this thing, it’s gonna be you.
Panel #3
Okay so it’s not hell. Hell doesn't have a bunch of small little alligator looking....things...wandering about. You know that much is true. If it did, then you should have no issue with taking over this place. At all.

So where are you?