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Panel #1

Your name is ARADIA MEGIDO and you are super psyched about the EXCAVATION you are about to carry out. You have been horns-deep in every relevant book you can get your prongs on for the last THREE WEEKS (even a couple from the RESTRICTED SECTION), and you are pretty sure you are on the edge of a breakthrough: all that remains is to dig an enormous hole in a place nobody else needed or wanted a hole to be.

Specifically, in the middle of the FORBIDDEN FOREST.

You are well aware that this is against the rules, and if you are caught you will be in detention until your O.W.L.s. You are also aware that going into the Forbidden Forest is roughly the arboreal equivalent of strolling face first into the hot and hungry maw of a Hungarian Horntail, especially for a FIRST-YEAR, which is what you are.

This is, in fact, basically the worst place you could possibly have picked to go dig an enormous hole.

But that's okay. You've brought COMPANY.

This adventure was not created by me. It was created by tigerpellets on tumblr.

I just transported the story here for others to enjoy. Carry on reading!