==> Be the meme girl

Panel #1
You are now the meme girl. Your name is HANNAH MEMERS and today is NOT YOUR WRIGGLING DAY. In fact your wriggling day was an ENTIRE PERIGEE AGO which makes you SEVEN SWEEPS now. You're interests include MEMES, BARK BEASTS, walking in the RAIN, and almost anything that has to do with HOMOSEXUALS, though this is a concept that you do not entirely understand or know of at all.You also really love the color PURPLE. It's just really important to you, as is GARLIC BREAD. Your goal in life is to FIGHT EVERYONE and you know you will succeed. But all you really want is LOVE and AFFECTION, though you don't really get enough of it. When you aren't fighting or playing various SPORTS you like to hang out with your friends in lower blood castes even if they are all NERDS. Today you've made plans to play a new game that just got released called SGRUB.

You're typing style tends to be centered around the use of MEMES and you can get a little excited when soM(EME)eone M(EME)entions soM(EME)ething that you like.

Now you're Sea horse mom is bringing in cuddle fish into your house again. What are you going to do about it?