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Begin Kainstuck

Your name is ARGENS MILITIA. You are a troll at about 7 sweeps of age and have a variety of INTERESTS, many of which you are currently NOT INTERESTED IN. You especially enjoy ROLE PLAYING GAMES, but have never ACTUALLY PLAYED ONE, partially because you get nervous when you see how well put together other peoples characters are. You are a BURGUNDY BLOOD and are also a POWERFUL TELEKINETIC. You are oobsessed with collecting MONEY. You tend to begin speaking with STARRY EYED WONDER, *_*, and you speak with an OB$$£$$IV£ and d££p voic£.

You wield the epic SWORD AND SHIELD specibus, and use the ADVENTURE modus for your inventory. You are expecting the arrival of a GAME soon, but doubt you will get it because you barely ever get into BETA’S. Your friend is ALSO expecting a copy of the GAME, but you doubt she’ll play it with you.

So, what do you do?